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Second Time's the Charm- 23 August 2014

Posted by Rabe Raptor on August 24, 2014 at 12:25 PM

I am officially back from Slovenia! I spent a week there for work and didn't play a second of Eve the whole time, but because I did frequent the forums, I had a serious itch to gank stuff when I returned home. I apologize for launching the site and then immediately going AFK(ish) for nearly ten days but my real-life job forces me to travel a great deal and sometimes doesn't give me much time in advance.


But that's neither here nor there. On to business!


The call to arms is a sacred New Order tradition by which either an agent or a member of the New Order intelligence community notices a particularly vicious lawbreaker that needs their equipment decommissioned and puts out a request for heroes to assemble to face the terrorist in the field of battle. Normally, we like to stick to solo-ganking or maybe go in twos or threes (because we can cover more ground that way), but there's no denying that some of the bigger highsec villains need a full party working in concert to defeat.


Upon my return to the game, there was such a call being put out. I logged in and noticed it right away. I jumped in my Leopard and sped towards the staging system at once and noticed something amazing on the way: droves of other agents responding to the same call. It was at this moment that I realized the dedication of the New Order... no matter what these brave heroes had been doing when the call for help was made, they dropped everything to rush to the aid of their fellow capsuleer and to eradicate evil from the universe.


So we ganked stuff, and it felt good to be back in it. Right as the group had disbanded to go back to our respective "territories", I noticed a Mackinaw who was defiantly sitting AFK in a belt, with his hold full. I couldn't just leave it there and head back to Uedama with a good conscience... so I called out for an agent to help me remove it from space... but the problem was that after the fleet disbanded they had all gone to take a break and weren't around to help. So I made a few quick calculations and grabbed a catalyst to take on the beast solo.


I warped in and upon landing opened fire. He began to melt away but right as I hit his hull, CONCORD popped in, late as usual, but really pissed at me all the same. My catalyst was vaporized while the Mackinaw sat at 20% hull. I sadly warped away, dejected at my failure and wondering if I had made some type of miscalculation (even the best make mistakes occasionally). I reviewed the combat log and realized it was just some unlucky glancing shots. As I sat in station lamenting my poor fortune, my scout noticed that he was still in the belt with 20% hull. I giggled to myself as I undocked 15 minutes later and vaporized the exhumer and his 2 billion ISK pod on the second try.


I served him his violation notice and flew back to Uedama with my head held high.


-Rabe Raptor, New Order Knight

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Reply Anonymous
1:07 PM on August 24, 2014 
I hate you guys so much how do you think you can tell us how to play.
Reply Rennseslear
2:08 PM on August 24, 2014 
HOW do we think we can? OF COURSE!
thanks anonymous for getting this site the inaugural tears it deserves in the first comment ever!
Reply Jim Ridley
1:02 PM on September 2, 2014 
Why'd you wait 15 minutes? I can't believe I have to tell CODE this but....

Here's a dollar kid. Buy a catalyst alt.
Reply Rabe Raptor
5:15 PM on September 2, 2014 
Jim Ridley says...
Why'd you wait 15 minutes? I can't believe I have to tell CODE this but....

Here's a dollar kid. Buy a catalyst alt.

We do use catalysts. I'm confused by what you're talking about.
Reply Shamefuldirty
7:55 PM on October 15, 2014 
Jim Ridley says...
Why'd you wait 15 minutes? I can't believe I have to tell CODE this but....

Here's a dollar kid. Buy a catalyst alt.

Ooook wtf you talking bout?

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