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6 Trillion ISK Decommissioned!

Posted by Rabe Raptor on August 27, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Resounding Victory. Two words that as a New Order Agent, I admittedly often take for granted. Since CODE. wins at everything we do, its quite easy to forget that victory isn't just some default. Some people actually fail at what they do: in this case, 6 trillion ISK worth of people.


But what does 6 trillion ISK in damages actually look like? You could view it as 60 officer-fit Titans, but that just wouldn't do the figure justice. You'd have to look at it in the real numbers- the legions of barges, exhumers, industrial ships, freighters, jump freighters, and countless other ships we've decommissioned over the last two years.


We're running a lowsec operation (or easysec as we call it, since in highsec we actually lose ships) while I write this, but there can be no doubt that our campaign against bot aspirancy is the core of our achievements. So lets take a look at the actual numbers (Keep in mind these are just the figures at the time of writing; our alliance kills several ships per minute so the count is always increasing):


Mining Barges killed: 10,727

Exhumers killed: 6,706

Industrial Command Ships (Orcas) killed: 371

Freighters killed: 418

Jump Freighters killed: 21

Capsules killed: 15,132


Impressive numbers, no doubt! To summarize this body of work, we'll take a look at the magical kill that brought our beloved alliance to the 6 trillion ISK mark.


It was a cold and gloomy day in Uedama. Agents iZaEaRl, Anal Canal, and myself had just vaporized several Mackinaws and a Hulk. Now don't get me wrong- all illegal mining vessels deserve vaporization, but Mackinaws hold a special place in my heart as the most hated vessel in highsec.


Why? Because the Mackinaw embodies bot aspirancy. Its yield isn't any better than a Skiff, but with a tiny fraction of the tank. Its tank is only marginally better than a Hulk, but with a tiny fraction of the yield. Why then, do people fly this inefficient piece of floating garbage, you ask? The answer lies in its unusually large cargo. A bot aspirant can mine AFK in a Mackinaw without having to make any action for a considerable amount of time. So when we have the opportunity to vaporize a Mackinaw ORE Edition, we never pass up the chance.


Like the regular Mackinaw, the Mackinaw Ore Edition sports a bot-aspirantly-large cargo hold with a comparably poor tank and yield. Its just as awful as the original; in fact its only differences are cosmetic. Well, and the price. Its five times as expensive and a hundred times as rare. Simply put, a Mackinaw ORE Edition is like a horrific chemical warhead wrapped in gold and diamond wrapping paper- and we specialize in the "disarming" of these WMD's.


Consider yourselves just a little bit safer.

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