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Lowsec Easysec

Posted by Rabe Raptor on August 28, 2014 at 2:15 PM


Some of the most common phrases uttered by butthurt carebears are the variants on "You only fight stuff that can't shoot back" or "You only gank in highsec because if you were out in low/null/WH, you'd get your asses kicked!" Its such a popular remark that it made its way onto Carebear Bingo.


This however, turned out to be joke of the century.


You see, lately we've been running a lot of roams and gatecamps out in Black Rise, in Gallente FW space (that's lowsec for you carebears in the crowd). I've never killed so much and lost so little in my entire Eve career (and with barely any coordination; at least no coordination comparable to the amount required by freighter ganking) . Actually that's putting it gently; we've been slaughtering stuff by the billions and we haven't even lost a single ship in the few days we've been out here. Its hilarious- and do you want to know what half of the guys we've been vaporizing have been saying? "Go back to highsec, CODE."


Let me repeat that again. The bot aspirants we gank in highsec tearfully dare us to try lowsec, and when we do, the local lowsec inhabitants tearfully demand we go back to highsec. Ironically, despite the killboards being filled with billions of ISK of ships destroyed in lowsec per day, most carebears that I encounter in highsec laugh at me for "refusing to shoot at anything that shoots back". I point them towards a killboard and they simply tell us that we are trolls and griefers and that obviously our killboards are just inflated somehow. I actually had a carebear today insist that we were falsely engineering our killboards by loading up friendly ships full of items with inflated values and blowing them up. I lol'd.


Ever since winning the Alliance Tournament, carebears seem to be extra sure of this untruth. I understand their burning desire to cling to this belief. I really do. It would mean the last shred of their dignity is validated: the idea that their superiors who so frequently dominate them have superiors of their own. Sadly for the carebear community, its simply not true, and their dignity is equally as hollow. We've been wrecking everyone we meet in lowsec too.


What's next? Nullsec? Unlikely (we hate TiDi). I know, I know... I can hear it now. We're too scared! Luckily for me, I'm playing Bingo and my board just keeps filling up with tears. Sweet, delicious tears.

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7:24 PM on August 28, 2014 
If you guys ran into a real fight like a real good fleet you guys would get tore up... run away little bitches like tails between ur legs like u did at AT. TOO SCARED TO FIGHT A REAL FIGHT LOL! CODE PANSIES!!
Reply Gank
9:29 AM on August 30, 2014 
Code Always Win
Reply alu
2:36 AM on August 31, 2014 
please come to black rise not sit 1 jump in low sec in old man star try enaluri or hallanen or nenna im sure ull get ur shit pushed in there
Reply Zasar
6:36 PM on August 31, 2014 
I have participated in a couple of these low Sec outings and it is the same every time. I come back and turn in my BINGO Card and collect the prizes from the Carebear tears that are located there. The 10 to 1 Hot drops are the proof in the pudding.

Keep up the great work Rabe Raptor.

Agent of CODE
Reply Rabe Raptor
7:17 PM on August 31, 2014 
alu says...
please come to black rise not sit 1 jump in low sec in old man star try enaluri or hallanen or nenna im sure ull get ur shit pushed in there

So far as I know we've never camped in Old Man Star. :) I'd invite you to check the killboards for further info.
Reply Code eats the big D
9:03 PM on August 31, 2014 
lol code knew they where gona get there shit packed by RvB so they didnt show up and tryed to play it off as a troll. CODE. = Cant Overcome Downsyndrome Enitirely
Reply Fooranoli
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