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Pod Killing Contest

Posted by Rabe Raptor on September 2, 2014 at 10:20 AM

The EVE wiki entry about getting podded starts as follows: "It is very likely in some point of your eve career that your pod will be destroyed." What it fails to mention is that it is even more likely your pod will be destroyed if you fly it through New Order space without a permit.


Autopiloting is the best way to ask to get podded, though conducting any other illegal activities will wind up getting your capsule blapped equally as fast. You see, we here in the New Order do not tolerate criminal behavior and we've a legion of a heroes ready to respond to teach known terrorists that crime doesn't pay.


CODE. diplomat DJentropy Ovaert is such a hero. In fact, he's more than that: he's a leader of heroes. DJ has put out the call to arms; he has created a contest rewarding those who can find and destroy the most valuable pods. DJ himself as well as many other noble benefactors who donated prizes have put the total pool up to over 3 billion isk, 3 PLEX, and a variety of ships including a Machariel, a navy cruiser, a Rattlesnake, and many others to be split over the top 10 entries as well as a few bonus entries (such as the funniest kill and the best tear mail in response to a podkill).

Rules: There will be TEN winners of this contest, and rank will be determined not by number of kills but by value of the pod kill itself. The highest value pod of the month will take the first prize, the second pod will take second place, and so on. Targets must NOT have a valid permit at the time of death. The kill, of course, must take place in High-Sec space. ANYONE is welcome to play and take part in the contest, with the exception of the contest creator (myself) or any players who assist me in running the contest.


How to play: Simple. Go find some pods and shoot them. After the kill, simply eve-mail DJentropy Ovaert with a subject line of "Pod Kill - Sep 2014 Contest". Include a link to the record of the kill. In game kill mails will not be accepted, nor will links to any other killboard - Zkill only. If you need help setting up a limited API to automatically upload your kills to zkill, or prefer to manually post them and need help - simply join the minerbumping channel (password is 315) and ask for some help and an agent will be glad to assist you.


The contest will run from Sep 1st (starting at 12:00AM) and will run until Sep 30th (Ending at 11:59pm). This, of course, is server time - not your own personal local time. A "leaderboard" will be made public for anyone to check their status, and will be updated daily.


While I would of course win all ten spots if I tried, I will be going half assed and probably just take first place. Good luck and happy hunting!


-Rabe Raptor, New Order Agent

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