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Wolf Ikura
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  In my travels and many accounts I have found many types of pilots in eve but none strike as much interrest as the Rage pilot. Everyone knows one the pilot filled with so much rage he posts and rants tears flood local where he travels and wrecks of lost ships clutter the reproscessing plants of stations alike, He has no friends he has an ego the size of a solar system and his wallet runs deep from hours of grinding and plex selling. This pilot fuels alot of players (myself included) with the undieing need to gank, mock and, stomp over as he tries to "play eve".

  We all know ALOD from the Matinee forums keeping us filled with love and envy of those pilots who cause so much damage to one pilots game, But why do we enjoy the tears of those who rage. I personal enjoy the rage I get from bounty placement to local smack after a kill to see another person so mad at something I did only fuels me to seek more the rush from seeing someone so angery is overwhelming (I even have to smoke right after a rage gank just because its as pleasing as sex.) but to cause that much hate from a person only steams from the actions or play style they follow.

    The miner, he is a care free law breaking time waisting player he only cares about whoring ore and building piles of isk to fund stupid dual tanked officer fit boats and fuel his red cross pounding adventures, a since of god hood sets on him as he cutts through wave after wave of NPC's until one day he wants more. He will one day long for a fight with that much isk and such a ship, his ego boosted high with his many NPC kills he ventures to fight, only to find a experinced pilot with less isk more skill and a grin. Our young miner will die and lose his isk to one pilot or a gate camp, the spark he has from rage of losing months of work stirs him to rage causes him to say things he will regret and soon the tears and rage will only lead to him quiting.

  Of Course this could have been avoided, he could have dabled with mining only getting what was needed joining fleets or a corp making friends and going on roams fighting and learning what all there is to eve, not mining or LvL 4 farming not even selling his paycheck away on isk. The CODE a group of hard working pilots struggling to make pilots aware of this pandemic, work hard in their efforts to teach pilots stop being a lonely tool, be a pilot and fly ships fit your ships with comman sence and just do alittle pewpew. The Code is a group of peole I have finally started to pay attention to and seek their guidance as I adjust to Highsec long have I stayed in nullsec and lowsec finding easy kills and small fights killing miners who venture into the wrong place, but they have since left to hide under the empires dogs seeking fat wallets and ruining their own time playing eve by afk mining multiboxing barges and strip mining systems.

 I start to close my rant with this final note, I support the CODE and its agents I trust in James 315 to bring law to these poor souls who have lost the reason we play eve, we all just need alittle pew.

  ~Sincerly, Wolf Ikura  Cloaky Bastard 4 Life 8)

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Rabe Raptor
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Some very good points in here! I'm glad we've caught your eye and perhaps we'll have to get you in on some future ops so you can taste of the joy of delivering James 315's justice in deep space!

I think we all love the discovery that the guy we've ganked happens to be a "rage pilot" as you describe. The tears begin to flow and if its good enough, we can even get a game of Bingo going.

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