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Ilithyia Borgia
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I've ganked for a good while now, but never considered it a political act until recently. I ganked for my own fun and sport. I never really cared about the larger issues surrounding one of my modes of gameplay - it was always a good time setting up a successful gank and sometimes these escalated in ways that were unexpected and enriched my Eve experience (aka emergent gameplay).

Because of this hobby I began lurking in the anti-gank intel channels - all I can say is WoW. Yes WoW, because that is what the players in those channels want. A safe, risk-free environment where they never have to worry about any PvP they don't consent to. They may say they support emergent gameplay, but all you hear in these channels are complaints about "broken mechanics" that making ganking "too easy". The solution (of course) is to petition CCP for yet more nerfs to any gameplay that is not safe gameplay.

I realized two things. First, my apoltical ganking was being politicized by carebears and used as evidence that Eve was broken in ways that could only be fixed by changing highsec to safesec. In other words my ganking was always, already a political act used by the enemies of free gameplay to limit my options in Eve.

The second realization stemmed from the first: If I wanted to preserve a game where danger from other players was a major factor in the gameplay I needed to pick a side. The choice was obvious and I decided to align myself with the only group in highsec fighting for the survival of emergent gameplay: The New Order. Now every time I gank my targets know it is not just "some griefer" wanting to make them miserable. My ganks are about ensuring the freedom of all Eve players to play the game in a manner that suits them, but also forces them to think about the other human beings in the New Eden universe.

So thank you to Anti-Ganking - you made me realize that my ganks can be acts of resistance and a liberatory political action. You inspired me to have a real purpose in Eve - as an agent of the New Order.



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Rabe Raptor
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Inspiring words. Times like this remind me of happy I am to be on the winning side!

CCP Falcon's inspring reminder as to CONCORD/CCP's role in freighter ganking:

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Bronson Hughes
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As someone who started off with an academic interest into why CODE. suicide ganks and ended up hated by the anti-ganking community when I tried to help them, I completely agree with your assesment. Although I will continue attempting to assist the anti-ganking crowd, rest assured that it is only to A) point out how they really are the worst in what they claim CODE. members are and B) on the off chance that they listen make things more entertaining for CODE. members because boredom leads to attrition. To be 100%, crystal clear, I am not doing it to actually prevent ganks. I don't think that's even possible.

Suicide ganking isn't my style. In spite of that, I hope you can see that, although our means are different, our desired ends are the same.

Glory Be to the Blessed Mother of Acceleration, Mover of All Things!

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Tengu Grib
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I agree with you Borgia. I first started getting actively involved in emergent game play after a attended a local RL Eve meet and met some very fun people with some very fun ideas. Several months after that I actively became an Agent of the New Order. It was the carebears that pushed me from my previous simple and subtle acts of promoting emergent gameplay towards turning corporation into a New Order enforcement corporation. A few months later we were invited to join the Code. alliance and have been there ever since.

Originally I was not so much pro-Code as I was pro-Fun. But I quickly realized those two things are more of less the same. Certainly you can do either without promoting the other, but by their nature they tend to be aligned.

I do now see my ganking as a form of Eve political activism. Every barge I blow up, every person I introduce to emergent game play, ever carebear whos eyes I help open, is a victory not just for the New Order, but for Eve itself. I fly for the New Order, but I fight for Eve.

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Clara Pond
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I feel similar to OP in that I gank now because the statement needs to be made. I will continue to burn every gankable ship I can, and I'll continue to do so politely and in a spirit of fun and with an adult respect for myself and others. And no doubt I'll continue to endure horrific racism, misogyny and homophobia while doing so.  

What has changed lately is that I'm going to be reporting EULA violators now. Every time. I'm tired of letting the filth survive while good people cop zero warning permabans for crossing (or not, who knows?) fuzzy invisible moral zigzags.

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