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412nv Yaken
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I will start things out by posting in a tear collection thread. 

Re: Code Violation


Re: Code Violation

From: Aigel

Sent: 2014.08.28 12:34


we will see how things gonna play out for you.




Post some of your tears

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Ilithyia Borgia
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From: Fu Odunen

Sent: 2014.08.31 04:30

To: Ilithyia Borgia,

September 2, 2014 at 1:02 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Ilithyia Borgia
Posts: 8


From: Holy Rocket

Sent: 2014.09.02 17:12

To: Ilithyia Borgia,




(The Russians are always so eloquent)

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Clara Pond
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We got a badass over here:

Clara Pond > hi!
Ray Bright > the second you guys dont honor it, is the second i go after all -5 and lower codelings, understood?
Clara Pond > that sounds fair

Then he bought 4 licenses. 

September 16, 2014 at 1:32 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Ima Wreckyou
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Re: Termination notice

From: Corey Carraway

To: Ima Wreckyou

Thank you for destroying my ship today. You're a real outstanding indivitual who opresses those who are just trying to make their way in the galaxy. I am not a bot, I am not AFK, I shouldn't be punished for having a conversation with my fiance. As for not having a permit, your group is a tyranical organization who siphons off of the work of others. I just started playing this wonderful game again after a two year hiatus this week, thanks for the warm welcome.


I hope you die in a fiery inferno,

September 22, 2014 at 2:10 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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