Frequently Asked Questions

Mining AFK / Autopiloting isn't against the EULA... so why is it illegal?

Highsec is our space, meaning we've laid claim to it and we have the power to enforce our laws. You wouldn't complain about getting killed in nullsec with valid combat mechanics by whoever owns the system you're in. Flying into their system wasn't against the EULA either. Its no different with us.

Your real issue may be our claim to highsec, but again, if we have the power to enforce our laws, then we have the power to make them. To own a system in nullsec, you need sovereignty structures. To own a system in highsec you need catalysts. Our combat mechanics are as "valid" as the nullsec player's combat mechanics. At least according to CCP, but heck what do they know?

How do I join the good fight against bot-aspirancy?

One doesn't have to join CODE. Alliance to fight bot-aspirancy! All you have to do is pick up a ship and start ganking... a guide can be found here. If you want to join CODE., you can always apply to New Order Logistics where you will be trained into a proper knight of the New Order. Its always best to establish a history of ganking prior to application.

How much does a permit cost and how do I purchase one?

New Halaima Permits can be purchased from any New Order agent and are normally sold for 10 million ISK. Most agents are firm on the price of 10 million ISK and you should not ask for a lower price unless offered one by The Supreme Protector. Once you've paid, the agent will send you the permit which you must display (proudly) in your bio so other agents may recognize your compliance.

I heard CODE. doesn't honor its permits. Will purchasing a permit really prevent a gank?

This is the most popular form of slander White Knights like to spread. Its simply not true, and they are never able to provide an example of a permit holder who was wrongfully ganked. 

Very occasionally, permits do get revoked, however. A permit is a pledge to follow The Law. As stated before, a pledge to follow The Law is invalidated if you subsequently break it. If a permit holder decides to mine AFK for example, he could have his permit revoked and have his mining ship decommissioned by an agent.

In the rare case a permit holder is ganked wrongfully, he is reimbursed, though in all of my extensive experiences in ganking, I have only ever had to pay one reimbursement.

What if someone other than CODE. ganks me after I purchase a permit?

If you check the killboards, you'll find that CODE. is responsible for nearly 95% of the highsec suicide ganking. While we cannot offer protection from third parties, you'll be at least 95% safer. It should also be noted that we are the only non-profit ganking institution. Tank yourself up and you'll avoid being ganked by the other 5%.

However, when it comes to The New Order, tanking yourself up won't save you while conducting illegal activities.

Where is your scientific study on bot-aspirancy ISK inflation values?

While it is true that there has never been an official and rigorous study conducted by accredited mathematicians to determine the exact value bot-aspirants have inflated ISK values, PLEX has nearly tripled in price in three years. That isn't a "normal" ISK inflation you would expect and while we haven't had a team of astrophysicists study the numbers, we're confident that if "x" is the amount that bot-aspirancy has accelerated inflation by, that "x" is a nonzero value with significant impact.

Don't forget, the Eve economy is very similar to a real economy in that it is a closed system. Despite asteroids and rats respawning, the demand for goods is finitely tied to the player base. ISK values have inflated as much in 3 years as the Dollar has in about 24 years (1980-2014 saw a roughly 290% inflation value).

Aren't CODE. gankers just PVPers who couldn't hack in low/null/WH?

CODE. regularly ganks out in lowsec as well via roams and gatecamps, as well as venturing into wormhole space quite frequently. There is enough evidence on the killboards to support this without further explanation.

Aren't CODE. gankers psychopaths or social rejects in real life?

White Knights love this one too. This, like the rest of the filth they spread, is simply not true. We're like you: regular people with jobs and families. If you, like them, are unable to separate real life from computer games, it may be time to take a step back and take a break. Exercise or taking a nap is a great way to unwind from playing Eve if you are becoming too engrossed.

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