James 315

The Code

The New Order

New Halaima Code of Conduct



Suicide Gank

Savior and Supreme Protector of Highsec, founder of the Code and of the New Order.

The rules and regulations governing miners and bot-aspirants as laid forth by James 315.

A society of capsuleers dedicated to enforcing the Code and spreading the word of James 315.

The Code in its most original application; (James 315 first started enforcing the Code in the Halaima Ice Belts.)

Could be a reference to www.minerbumping.com, or could be a reference to someone who flies a big, fast ship with the intention of "bumping" miners out of their mining laser range and thereby disrupting their mining cycles.

The act of destroying someone's ship. Often has a connotation of destroying someone who didn't expect to be destroyed.

Destroying someone's ship with the intention of being subsequently destroyed by CONCORD or gate guns.

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